Stephen’s work begins far before he arrives on set. He draws deeply from an awakened place of inspiration. His work is authentic, genuine and at times deeply contemplative. Empowered strength is grounded in vulnerability and compassion to tell each person's unique story. Stephen's commitment to innovation in the visual arts is unwavering.

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Stephen lovingly guides each person to become their most authentic self and then captures that moment of transcendent beauty.




Authentic moments, captured with wonderment.



A moment to contemplate our awe-inspiring world.


Directing, Editing, Interviewing, Colour Grading, Cinematography, Original Score Writing and Audio Engineering… Stephen delivers an unheard of skills matrix to each film project.

A clip from the feature film Project Cold Days highlighting the dynamic way in which Stephen incorporates cinematography, music, powerful interviews and technical prowess to tell stories.

A short commissioned film Stephen completed for Yoga Fusion about one of their incredible instructors.

Project Cold Days Trailer 3 - The Light and The Dark

Stephen’s Debut Short Film captures the essence of a woman struggling to define herself outside of being a Bikini Fitness Model.



Clean, simple, the essence of an item.


Fine Art Nude

The Universe’s organic creations captured with astonishing beauty.

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Macro Photography

All about the details.

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